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Viagra Consumer Information

Before you start to take Viagra, you need to know these things. You should combine Viagra with no other medicines unless your doctor tells you to. Many drugs will cause dangerous side effects if you take them with Viagra. Always tell your doctor about all medical problems or conditions you have because some of these conditions will cause serious problems when you have them and you take Viagra.

Important Facts Men Should Know About Viagra

Viagra with Alcohol & Food

While every drug should be taken as directed by its label, by your doctor, or by the pharmacist, instructions for medications may to you to or not to take the drug with food or alcohol for a number of reasons. The reasons all come down to this – do these things change the way the drug works and, if so, do they do so in a positive or negative way? Provided here, is some information on how Viagra is affected by both food and alcohol.


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